Why purchase a hidden fault insurance?

The simple answer is that the insurance company takes care of the claim a seller of a house might receive from the new owner, conducts a claims adjustment and pays out costs related to legal protection. If the claim is approved and confirmed as a legitimate hidden fault, compensation will be paid out from the insurance company to the new owner.

There are three different insurance products to choose between, Uppdaga / Uppdaga Mer & Uppdaga Mest. To find out more about the differences between the products, click here (please note it will be presented in Swedish).

When can a hidden fault insurance be purchased?

  • The permanent residence house or the vacation house is located geographically in Sweden and has been owned for the purpose of private use. The insurance is not designed for houses owned and used for the purpose of business.
  • The permanent residence house or the vacation house is sold through a real estate broker registered in Sweden.
  • An inspection has been conducted where applicable for certain specified coverages. The inspection shall be conducted by a surveyor approved by the insurer.
  • The insurance can be requested and purchased up until the date the new owner receives the rights of access.

How can a hidden fault insurance be purchased?

Your real estate broker and many surveyors can assist you with a request for purchasing a hidden fault insurance. Willis Towers Watson Sweden AB Säljservice can provide you with insurance advise and assist you with questions you might have regarding the right insurance product for you.